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Industrial Products
These material handling crane are manufactured using advanced technologies and find extensive usage in automobiles and engineering industries and are available in various types.
Permanent Magnetic Lifter
The Magnetic lifter is a compact, self-contained, lifting magnet which uses permanent magnets that maintain permanent holding power. Since no electric power is required, magnetic lifter can operate completely free of the restriction of power cords, and can be used where electric is not readliy available.
Principles :
produced by ND-FE-B magnetic materials. On and Off of the magnetic path is controlled by turning the lever manually. magnetic lifter has magnetic power which shall never weaken.
Application :
Widely used in loading and uploading, flat and roaund steel loads. it is very convenient for application in loading, uploading, and moving loads as it does not require slings, clamps, or other holding devices, no damage to the surface of lifted goods, saving the lifting time and optimizing the piled up area. Magnetic lifter are the most ideal lifting facility for factories, Docks, warehouses and transportation.
Features :
High lift capacity.
Ease of operation.
Low weight... Easy to move.
No power consumption.
Handle locks in "On or Off" positions to prevent un-international operation.
Strong magnetic Attraction power.
Saves the lifting time and manpower.
Safe in handling.
Rope Hoist
We offer Wire Rope Hoists in fixed mounted type, trolley mounted type, and push pull trolley type. These are suitable for any type of heavy and medium duty operations since these are extremely rigid, reliable, and robust. These hoists are low in maintenance, trouble free and available in various capacities. The types of wire rope hoist offered by us include H-lift electric wire rope hoist and mini electric wire rope hoist.
Pallet Truck with Weighing
We put forth for our clients Standard Pallet Trucks and Weighing Pallet Truck, which is offered at industry leading prices. It is fabricated using advanced technology and methods at our modern manufacturing facility. Additionally, we maintain a responsive dialogue with our clients and strive to fulfill their future requirements.
Industrial Turbo Ventilator
We are one of the leading suppliers of ventilators for Industrial Product. Procured from reliable vendors, in our range of ventilators, we offer three types of ventilators like Turbo Ventilator, S.S. Ventilator and Kool Blast Power Ventilator. It offers a wide range of ventilation modes for controlled and supported ventilation.

The “Industrial Ventilator” is a revolutionary conceptual product which exhausts the hot gases from an enclosed area with out using any electric power.Yes absolute zero power consumption.It has no operating cost and gives excellent ventilation performance making the work areas like Boiler/furnace/ Oven sheds, Curing and drying areas, Casting and moulding sheds, workshops, Process area utility sheds, DG sheds, compressor houses, power house and packaging area, go-downs etc. more cooler and comfortable to work in.
Fabrication Machines
We are a pre-known dealer of pre-used imported Fabrication Machines. We deal with various types of used-press brakes, such as shearing machines, plate bending machines, roll bending machines, radial drilling machines, range of welding machines etc. Our range is purchased from trustworthy vendors. These products are featured with colored paint coats to prevent rust and wear out. These are sold at a perfect working condition to deliver a long lasting service to the buyer. Hence, our products are tagged with discounted rates.